就活アワードの目的 SHUKATSU AWARD is given to the companies that has been selected as one of the best, most recommended, and rewarding companies for employment.
Only 6 percent of corporations will survive the next 10 years in Japan. Many corporations disappear quickly. This is an intensely competitive world. Fortunately, under these competitive circumstances, there are some corporations maintaining consistent growth.
We believe these growing corporations, wanting to make a significant contribution to the Japanese economy, must hire new graduates in addition to hiring experienced employees. We believe even though the new graduates do not have experience, they are eager and ready to learn, and are essential for establishing the foundation of the corporation and fosteringits identity.
It is not hard for experienced people to find promising and growing corporations. Unfortunately, for new graduates who lack information and knowledge, finding promisingand growing corporations by themselves is extremely difficult. They feel tossed about by the huge amount of general information about corporations released by the major job search websites. Consequently, the major websites actually hamper the new graduates from accurately judging which corporation fits them. What new graduates are thinking is “Please tell me which corporation is the most promising one that I can work hard for”. The new graduates without experience in business know that they are not able to select the right corporation for them. For new graduates, we select growing corporations which provide rewarding workplaces.
Then we introduce them on our “Job hunting award” website.” The SHUKATSU AWARD can support not only new graduates who are seriously thinking about their career, but also can help growing corporations that make up the backbone of the Japanese economy.
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